Lingering…burning from the paper…it awakens the senses, seeps into the mind,
and grips the imagination—the effects relaxing, disturbing, or sensually delighting.

– C R Kennedy


Stories and Availability

Silver Ink

Silver Ink cover with border NO curserAddie Blonde assists a stranger in making a sale. In turn he unwittingly opens a door for her to explore what she believes is her possible yet questionable destiny. Does Addie’s future follow an ancestral path, or does mid-century America and a mysterious man offer a different route to a fulfilling life? This short story is available as a complimentary story at crkennedyink.com and will soon be a free story through Kindle at Amazon.com.
Complimentary Story

Bird of a Different Feather

From his career to his marriage, George Halstead’s life is slipping through his fingers. When a former co-worker is whacked, someone targets George to take the wrap. Can he unravel the real who, where and why before the crime is pinned on him? Will his British musician friend, his distanced wife, and Charlie the Mobster assist or hinder his frantic sleuthing?  This wartime, comedic mystery is presented as a short story and will soon be available on Amazon’s Kindle.


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